Hans Jürgen


As Above So Below, at Hilbert Raum Berlin. Patterns, gravity centers, knowledge and The Human Machine.

Co/Lab III at Torrance Art Museum TAM, Los Angeles-CA

CO/LAB III Eight Los Angeles alternative art organizations collaborate with eight Berlin alternative art organization in order to present joint curatorial projects. BBQLA / Axel Obiger Dalton Warehouse…

Plural Solitude

2017 Typojanchi 5th International Typography Biennale – Seoul

What Makes Us Humans? Vol.4: About substance and the inflexibility of fixation

( ) Parenthesis Space Parenthesis AIR – Berlin

What Makes Us Humans?

Audio explanation – Headphones recommended     What Makes Us Humans? Is an ongoing project studying the core of the human meaning. It questions the human response to…

Impressions from my last installation: The Only Way To Walk Forward Is to Erase Your Own History

Information Society

Curiosity Is Knowledge

What Makes Us Humans? Vol. 3: Information Society. Impressions from my last group show Mindful Playing at Hilbert Raum Berlin

Thespis Wagon For Theater Augsburg, Germany

What Makes Us Humans? Vol. 2: A model of migration. Impressions, at ACUD Kunsthaus Berlin

What Make Us Humans? Vol. 1: Facts that differentiate humans from animals. Some pics from my last group show Acts Of Seeing And Knowing, And Not at Hilbert Raum Berlin

Exorcise Me, video-installation at Galería Fiebre, Buenos Aires

( ) Parenthesis Space Parenthesis AIR – Slovenia

( ) Parenthesis Space Parenthesis AIR – Mons La Trivale, France

Dirty Realism N°2 At StattBerlin

Purify Me At Aquabit Gallery, Berlin

Touch Me At Aquabit Gallery, Berlin