What Makes Us Humans?

Audio explanation – Headphones recommended



What Makes Us Humans? Is an ongoing project studying the core of the human meaning. It questions the human response to reality and searches for a wider perception of our context not limiting the way we learn only from our senses. It pretends to expand the comprehension outside the human understanding. It suspects a different set of laws, where everything is interconnected in a holistic shape. Although it rejects the common categorization of things, it also accepts the idea that everything is shaped by a bigger pattern, a unique category, maybe even a mathematical one, where human actions are also taken as mathematical powers. Its aim is to understand the upcoming paradigm (thomas kuhn) in order to understand better the human future


Vol. 0: Anatomy for beginners
Vol.1: Facts that differentiate humans from animals

Vol.2: A model on migration
Vol.3: Information Society
Vol.4: Substance