Cover of the book Research on Body and Typography.

Touch Type

Published on Dec 7, 2016
Publisher: Choi Jeongcheol
Korea Craft & Design Foundation
ISBN 978-89-97252-73-2(03600)

My installation “The Only Way To Walk Forward Is To Erase Your Own History” was included in the amazing research book Touch Type. Touch Type contains 231 items that were collected as part of the research on body and typography, which are also the keywords for Typojanchi 2017: The 5th International Typography Biennale, Seoul.

Excerpt: “While our research started off as a loosely prescribed inquiry into a broad subject, we found that categories naturally emerged out of the research process. Each item, located at intersections where the five senses and body organs merge with typographic activities, connects body and typography either directly or indirectly. Such connections, in turn, embody diverse interpretations about the body as tool and typography, art and technology, identity and liberation. Instead of directly describing the interpretations and arguments, here we focused on conveying objective information. Within each item, keywords were selected and underlined. The items are not categorized or sorted based on content. At the end, this book’s structure is quite fragmented and discontinuous. We hope nevertheless that such a structure provides a set of small dots, which act as entry points into the reflection on body and typography. May this book, as the starting point of Typojanchi 2017: The 5th International Typography Biennale, reach the hands of the reader like a connect-the-dots puzzle, in which the player can find and make connections between not only the included dots but also yet undiscovered ones.”

Book credits:
Project Leader: Park Yeounjoo
Researcher: Jo Eunbi, Kim Eunhee, Julie Kim, Lee Yejou, Lee Yoojeong, Audrey Liew
Editor and Proofreader: Kim Lynn, Jeon Yuni,
Translator: Koh Achim
Designer: Lee Yoojeong
Adviser: Chung Heeseung, Kim Hyunmee, Park Soojin, Jonathan Rabagliati, Rhee Pooroni