Classical Greek theater masks cover the external walls of the mini-theater.

Thespis Wagon

Mini-theater installation for Theater Augsburg, Germany
90x210x160cm / 35x83x63in

Thespis Wagon is a mini-theater build in collaboration with the workshops and some actors from the Augsburg Theater. Actors are invited to perform a popular drama inside mini-theatre, only 4sqm hosting as many people at a time as possible. The play is performed in immediate proximity between all occupants and their corporal warm hit the ambient and prepare the visitors to an intimate experience. The private space and a near contact is explored in this installation.

Basic mini-theater structure. The structure is mounted over wheels to emulate Thespis wagon.
Access is set to be through the stage.
Inside view from the entrance/stage of the mini-theater.
view of the stage from the seats.
The mini-theater was first used at the street theater festival that the Augsbur theater makes every year.
Final retouches and information about Thespis.
The mini-theater has capacity for six member of the audience and two actors performing in very close proximity with each other and the audience.