Exquisite corpse.

( ) Parenthesis Space Parenthesis A.I.R. – Mons La Trivale

( ) Parenthesis Space Parenthesis is a nomadic artist-in-residency program and a close group of participating artists who meet once a year to build up an exhibition, usually without any previous idea, finding their way through the endemic materials and improvisation.
All images: Ssmmidd, Philippe Marcus and Lan Huhng

( ) Parenthesis Space Parenthesis: the plan is not having a plan. Because not having rules is already a rule, it is not important for this group of artists to even think about how to do what they do. So what do they do? They meet every year in a different country for a lapse of seven to ten days and find their way through the new context and its materials to develop a one-day exhibition where the result is not as important as the process of getting there.
The chosen location for the ( ) AIR N°1 was the city of Mons La Trivale, France. Participating artists: Juan Arata (AR-GER), Lan Hungh (GER-TW), Marcus Philippe (FR) and SSMIDD (GER-UKR).

Artists Juan Arata, Philippe Marcus and Lan Hungh. Photos by SSMMIDD.
Exquisite Corpse N°2
SSMMIDD at work.
Artist Lan Huhng at work.
Artist Philippe Marcus at work.
The main goal is to experience the process. Works mutate constantly.
Random playing becomes the central inspiration for most works.
Multi-layered expression. How different skills merge into one single experience.
Artists are force by the dynamics of this experience to work in new medias.
It is key for this exercise to succeed, to find new ways of communication and understanding.
For at the end, we are just in the very same position as when we started.
Works are created without any previous idea.
Works are created from endemic materials.
Things go crazy towards the opening day.
Usually the residency period last seven to ten days.
German is a great language for free associations.
Artists don't sleep a lot.
Artists start to feel tired: the experience is 24(/7.
Inspiration comes also from the woods.
During this process works are created and an exhibition is designed.
Is good to keep a diary of the progress.
Really, anything is possible.