Eternally Unfinished, works by Juan Arata at Hilbert Raum Berlin

Impressions from my last group show Salvajes

As Above So Below, at Hilbert Raum Berlin. Patterns, gravity centers, knowledge and The Human Machine.

Madera #4

My short story 'The Point Is A Sphere' -original in Spanish "El Punto Es Una Esfera"- has been published on the edition number 4 of Madera Berlin literary magazine.

Madera #4 is composed by 100 short stories from 100 different authors. A combination of impeccable texts, an exploration of the ‘I’ and the first person. Fiction and…

Co/Lab III at Torrance Art Museum TAM, Los Angeles-CA

CO/LAB III Eight Los Angeles alternative art organizations collaborate with eight Berlin alternative art organization in order to present joint curatorial projects. BBQLA / Axel Obiger Dalton Warehouse…

2017 Typojanchi 5th International Typography Biennale – Seoul

What Makes Us Humans? Vol.4: About substance and the inflexibility of fixation

( ) Parenthesis Space Parenthesis AIR – Berlin

Impressions from my last installation: The Only Way To Walk Forward Is to Erase Your Own History

Models Of Temporal Consciousness at Converge Gallery, Willamsport, Pa – USA

The Art Of Drinking

What Makes Us Humans? Vol. 3: Information Society. Impressions from my last group show Mindful Playing at Hilbert Raum Berlin

Some pics from my last group show PAIN / TING an international painting group show about pain, which I also had the honor to curate

Jebus! –Detail

What Makes Us Humans? Vol. 2: A model of migration. Impressions, at ACUD Kunsthaus Berlin

Coming Up: The Berta ART Raffle Vol. 4

What Make Us Humans? Vol. 1: Facts that differentiate humans from animals. Some pics from my last group show Acts Of Seeing And Knowing, And Not at Hilbert Raum Berlin

What Makes Us Humans? Vol. 0: Anatomy for beginners. Remembering The Pajama Factory and one of the best studio spaces I ever had

Exorcise Me, video-installation at Galería Fiebre, Buenos Aires

Eat, Eat, Eat for La Calle, Kreuzberg, Berlin

Beasty Girl Kreuzberg

( ) Parenthesis Space Parenthesis AIR – Slovenia

Highway To Brain

Progress In Work

Trying some Rousseau over an Amazon and her death. Click to see.

Beasty Girl Berlin

Berlin Nights At 19 Karen Contemporary Artspace – Promo Video 2

Berlin Nights At 19 Karen Contemporary Artspace, Australia – Promo Video N° 1

( ) Parenthesis Space Parenthesis AIR – Mons La Trivale, France

Collaboration with Philippe Marcus

This Is Not An Exit – Duo Show With Artist Jo Wilmot At Gallery 33, Berlin

Signals through the flames

Interview Libero Magazine, Finland

Wolstenholme Project

Group Show At 19 Karen Contemporary Art, Gold Coast, Australia.

Berlin Studio

T.A.O.M.A.C. Vol.1

Normal-Abnormal At .BHC-Kollektiv

Solo Show At Arte Comprimido Gallery, Buenos Aires

Gallery Nights, Buenos Aires