About cookies and personal data

Cookies are used to measure the traffic on this website and for statistical purposes. The information collected is anonymous and do not contain any personal information such as name or email address. Information about individual visitors can not be traced by us.

What is a cookie?

On the HTTP Cookie Wikipedia page you can about what cookies are and on europa.eu you can read what the EU cookie law says. On wikihow.com there are instructions on how to remove cookies from your computer.

Cookies from our site

We use cookies to measure statistics. No personal information is stored in the cookies.

How we collect personal information

We do not collect any personal information on the website.

How we collect and use non-personally identifiable information

From the statistics we are not able to see which individuals visit the site. We store data in the tool Google Analytics, which is owned by Google. As part of this, we collect the IP addresses of our visitors. The data that is stored by Google provide information about visitors operating systems, browsers and other technical details. We use this information to make the site better and do not sell it to third parties.